Vol.03. Nos.3(2004) p217-228


In vitro regeneration of an indigenous bamboo (Bambusa nutans) from internode and leaf explant


Kalia S; Kalia R.K; Sharma S.K


Organogenic callus was successfully induced from pre-injured single shoots derived from in vitro multiplying cultures of Bambusa nutans. Plant growth regulator combinations of 2,4D (5 M), BAP (2.5 M) and ABA (1 M) proved to be more efficient in inducing callus, in 79.93% of cultures with an average of 346.13 mg of fresh weight callus, than auxins used alone or in combination with cytokinins. Induced callus was subsequently proliferated at a faster rate on multiplication medium (MS) supplemented with 2,4-D (5 M) and BAP (2.5 M). Organogenic callus was subsequently transferred to shoot regeneration medium. Efficient regeneration of shoot buds and their conversion into shoots was recorded on MS medium supplemented with BAP (5 M) and NAA (1.25 M) on which 18.11 buds were induced which proliferated into 10.31 shoots. Spontaneous regeneration of roots on shoots was evidenced on regeneration medium itself.


2,4 D; abscisic acid; benzyladenine; callus; cytokinins; explants; in vitro culture; in vitro