Vol.20. Nos.2(2021) p15-29


New Fungal Records on Dendrocalamus strictus from India


Charul Kainthola . N.S.K. Harsh . Amit Pandey . Harish Ginwal . Shailesh Pandey


Despite being potentially significant, bamboos are susceptible to various fungal diseases. A number of fungi flourish on live as well as dead substrates of bamboo and adversely affect its parts and colonize, gradually causing its degradation. A total number of 73 fungal species were isolated and identified from the diseased culms and foliage of Dendrocalamus strictus germplasms comprising 61 provenances from 17 different states of India established in New Forest Campus, Dehradun, Uttarakhand. Among them, major species belong to phylum Ascomycota (62) and rests belong to three phyla, Basidiomycota (6), Zygomycota (4) and Oomycota (1). 23 fungal species were recorded for the first time on D. strictus and 38 fungal species, recorded in association with D. strictus in earlier reports, were found to be affecting different part of the host. The present study investigates the fungal diseases and their causal organisms of D. strictus and surveyed consecutively for two years in monsoon season, which harbors a galaxy of fungi in rhizomes, culms and foliage. Disease Incidence during the survey was also recorded


Ascomycetes, bambusicolous fungi, Dendrocalamus strictus, fungal diversity