Vol.15. Nos.1 - 4 (2016) pp.13-21

A study on the status of incense stick making in Tripura, Northeast, India.

Authors:A. K. Sinha and S. Deb

Abstract:Incense stick is a globally traded product and it is mainly used for worship, meditation, and various ceremonies. Bamboo stick making for incense sticks has been an age-old tradition for the rural people in Tripura, largely women are involved in this practice. Tripura used to supply 90 percent of bamboo sticks utilized by the Indian incense stick industry till the situation changed drastically following gregarious flowering (2003-2009) and death of old stock of Melocanna baccifera which accounted for 80 per cent of its bamboo resource in the state. This article deals with the present status of incense stick making, its utilization pattern and role in livelihood generation in the state. Harvesting of bark of the small tree such as Litsea glutinosa used for making the adhesive for rolling incense sticks is also discussed in detail as it is becoming scarce due to irresponsible harvest. The study also highlighted the problems facing by artisans in incense stick making and its sustainable production.

Keywords:Incense stick, Tripura, bamboo, NTFP, rolled sticks, Litsea glutinosa

Permalink: https://www.jbronline.org/article.asp?id=275