Vol.11. Nos.1 - 4 (2012) pp.45-56

Biomass and carbon stock in bamboo forest of Manipur, North East India.

Authors:A. Thokchom and P.S. Yadava

Abstract:Aboveground biomass and carbon stock have been determined in the Schizostachyum pergracile bamboo forest located at 24018’12.5"N latitude and 94015’52.9"E longitude in Chandel District of Manipur near Myanmar border. Allometric relationships were developed between harvested culms and diameter at breast height (DBH) using a linear regression model for the estimation of aboveground biomass. Aboveground stand biomass varied from 101.06 to 144.74 Mg ha-1 during 2011-2012. Carbon stock ranged from 47.93 to 69.32 Mg ha-1 and the rate of carbon sequestration was 22.05 Mg ha-1 yr-1 and mainly contributed by culms (84%) followed by branches (9% ) and leaves (7%).However carbon stock attained maximum value in current and one year old forest stand and decreases in subsequent years. Thus thinning of bamboo stand is recommended after 4-5 years to enhance carbon sink in the present bamboo forest.

Keywords:Aboveground biomass, allometric equation, regression model, carbon stock, carbon sequestration

Permalink: https://www.jbronline.org/article.asp?id=255