Vol.11. Nos.1 - 4 (2012) pp.13-29

Micropropagation of Dendrocalamus membranaceus Munro. through axillary shoot proliferation and confirmation of clonal fidelity of in vitro raised plants.

Authors:Jasmine Brar, Amrina Shafi, Priyanka Sood, Anil Sood and Manju Anand

Abstract:Morphological features of the inflorescence and that of seeds have been discussed. The effect of soil work, irrigation and manuring on seed setting in flowered clumps has also been illustrated. Seed setting has been recorded from planted propagules developed vegetatively from the mother clump but not from those in nursery beds during propagation. Irrigation and manuring have shown positive influence in number of spikelets, fertile florets per spikelet and setting of seeds. The caryopsis seeds showed 97% germination in Petri dishes. Few seedlings have been found regenerated near the clump

Keywords:Acclimatization, bamboo, clonal fidelity, Dendrocalamus membranaceus, micropropagation, molecular markers

Permalink: https://www.jbronline.org/article.asp?id=252