Vol.11. Nos.1 - 4 (2012) pp.1-11

Silvicultural management for seed setting in sporadically flowered Bambusa tulda Roxb.

Authors:Nimmy Srivastava, Suraj Kumar, Satish Kumar, Rameshwar Das and S. Nath

Abstract:Inventories on flowering bamboo is not adequate in our country for ensuring seed availability and maintenance of bamboo germplasm.In the present article the flowering behaviour of Bambusa tulda Roxb., a sympodial bamboo species endemic to eastern and north-eastern parts of India has been studied from the bamboo ex-situ conservation garden, Bambusetum and vegetative propagation nursery established at the Institute of Forest Productivity, Ranchi, Jharkhand, during 2008 to 2010.

Keywords:Sporadic flowering, culm flowering pattern, seed setting, silvicultural management, Bambusa tulda

Permalink: https://www.jbronline.org/article.asp?id=251