Vol.09. Nos.1 - 2(2010) p91-99


Aboveground biomass production and nutrient allocation of Melocanna baccifera (Roxb) Nees in natural forests


Pynskhem; Upadhyaya, K; Sahoo, U.K


The aboveground biomass production and nutrient allocation pattern of Meloconna baccifera in natural forests of Mizoram, North-east India was studied during 2005-2006. The relative contribution of various components to the standing state of biomass for the species was in the order: bamboo culms > branches > inflorescence > leaves. Among the NPK, N showed the highest concentration, followed by K and then by P. The total aboveground biomass/ha exhibited a considerable increase with culm age. A lower accumulation of nutrients in the leaves compared to other parts during the study period suggest excessive nutrient exhaustion due to gregarious bamboo flowering leading to the death of the main shoot


Aboveground biomass; nutrient allocation; Melocanna baccifera.