Vol.09. Nos.1 - 2 (2010) pp.73-78

Fruit/seed morphology and germination characteristics in ten species of calamus

Authors:Joemon Jacob; Chitra, C.R; Kariyappa, K.C; William Decruse, S

Abstract:Seed biological aspects of 10 Calamus species were studied as a part of their ex situ conservation through seed-gene bank. Studies revealed that all the species possess relatively high moisture content, though their germination patterns like day of starting of germination and days taken to complete germination vary from species to species. Some seeds are found to be with a factor of dormancy, which has to be experimentally overcome. Studies on desiccation and storage have to be carried out for confirming the nature and storage physiology of seeds.

Keywords:calamus; morphology; seed germination; moisture content; conservation.

Permalink: https://www.jbronline.org/article.asp?id=228