Vol.09. Nos.1 - 2 (2010) pp.49-57

Innovations in using bamboo as a structural load bearing element: Experimental performance evaluation

Authors:Smita Chugh; Anurag Kandya; Sanjeev Singh; Korde, C; Sudhakar, P

Abstract:Bamboo has been used in housing since time immemorial but its use has been restricted as a load distributor in roofs. Limitations like the variability in the properties of bamboo with topography and environment have been a deterrent to standardisation of bamboo based technologies. Moreover, the absence of the cost effective test set up for ascertaining the structural safety aspects of bamboo structures, at decentralised locations, have prohibited the massive use of bamboo in building construction. Addressing this limitation and research gaps in using bamboo as the main load bearing material in building construction, the present experimental study evaluates the performance of parabolic concrete infill arches using innovative testing methodology which can be adopted at any field location where mass scale housing projects using bamboo are envisaged. The experimental load deflection analysis of the arch specimen, which was tested in full sizes, under various loading conditions, was carried out with encouraging results, using this methodology. The study thus puts across a strong possibility of using bamboo as a structural load bearing element for building construction. The massive application of bamboo in construction will not only solve the problem of affordable housing but will also address the environmental concerns as vast wastelands of the globe could be greened in a highly profitable manner by bamboo plantation.

Keywords:Bamboo; green buildings; affordable housing; env

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