Vol.06. Nos.3 - 4(2007) p251-256


Bleaching of Bambusa tulda sticks for handicrafts


Nilanjana Bairagi; Gulrajani, M.L


The effects of different bleaching agents on Bambusa tulda sticks were studied. The bamboo sticks were bleached using different concentrations of hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite and sodium chlorite. Sequential bleaching was also carried out using two different bleaching agents. The extent of whitening was measured using colour coordinates (L', a' and b'), colour difference fonnula ("E) and Hunter Whiteness Index (WI). The WI offull grown B. tulda sticks was around 8.14. A WI of 56 was obtained by leaching bamboo sticks with 5 per cent sodium chlorite solution without damaging the surface of bamboo. The whiteness achieved by other methods was lower than that obtained with 5 per cent of sodium chlorite solution. The bamboo sticks bleached with hydrogen peroxide retained a yellowish tint which was absent when bleached with sodium chlorite. Sodium hypochlorite solution was not effective in whitening of B. tulda sticks. Sequential bleaching gave WI in the range of 20 by using 0.2 per cent hydrogen peroxide and 0.3 per cent sodium chlorite


bleaching; bleaching agents; chlorites; colour; handicrafts; hydrogen peroxide; non-wood forest products; sodium hypochlorite.