Vol.06. Nos.3 - 4 (2007) pp.199-204

Thermogravimetric behaviour and physical properties of Bambusa vulgaris in Ghana

Authors:Lartey, T.S; Mensah, K.F; Darkwah, N.A

Abstract:In Ghana, the extent of utilization of bamboo is relatively low compared to Asian countries mainly due to lack of awareness of the potential of local bamboo species. In the present study the thennal behaviour and its relationship with moisture content and basic density of Bambusa vulgaris and B. vulgaris var. vittata from three sites in Ghana were examined. Results indicate step-wise disintegration at three to four different levels in the thennal process. The ash content ofbamboo samples was below 1 per cent with no significant difference between the two varieties. Variation in physical properties existed among culms from three sites. Culm moisture content values ranged from 71.7 to 145.5 per cent with slight decline from the base to the top. Basic density values also varied between 466 and 761 kglm3 with significant difference among the three sites.

Keywords:bamboos; density; moisture content; non-wood forest products; physical properties; thermal proper

Permalink: https://www.jbronline.org/article.asp?id=171