Vol.06. Nos.3 - 4(2007) p165-173


Bamboo handicraft industry in Kerala, India: value addition and production technology


Muraleedharan, P.K; Anitha, V


Production of bamboo handicraft in Kerala, traditionally a hereditary occupation restricted to a particular caste, is now practised by anyone with the necessary aptitude and skill. This is where the non-traditional sector comes into prominence. Although both the sectors use the same raw material, the inefficacies pertaining to production, marketing and technology are different. A majority of the nontraditional handicraft units are very small with low investment. Besides, cost escalation and low surplus generation in the past few years make investment in this sector less attractive. The value addition or surplus generation in manufacturing of bamboo handicrafts by the non-traditional sector is very low in Kerala. Development of technology in this sector is also low considering the fact that this is an activity carried out by the socially and economically weaker sections in the society. This paper attempts to analyze problems and prospects relating to value addition and technological development of bamboo handicraft industry in non-traditional sector.


bamboos; caste; cottage industry; handicrafts; investment; marketing; non- wood forest products; prod