Vol.06. Nos.3 - 4 (2007) pp.145-156

Property characterization of plantation-grown palasan rattan (Calamus merrillii Becc.)

Authors:Abasolo, W.P

Abstract:The mechanical properties ofplantation-grown palasan rattan (Calamus merrillii Becc.) were compared with those of wild rattan. The effect of specific gravity and fibre percentage on strength variability within a particular position was evaluated. The influence of rattan age on strength properties was also assessed. In terms of MOR and MOE, both plantation-grown and wild rattan were more or less similar proving that the former is not inferior to the latter in strength properties. This would imply that plantation-grown rattan could also be used in the industry without negatively affecting the mechanical properties of the finished products. Ovendry specific gravity and fibre percentage did not influence the variation in strength properties within a particular position. Similarly, rattan age did not influence the strength properties. Apparently, a young rattan would also possess the same strength values as that of a mature stem.

Keywords:canes and rattans; fibre; mechanical properties; modulus of elasticity; non-wood forest products; specific gravity;

Permalink: https://www.jbronline.org/article.asp?id=165