Vol.06. Nos.3 - 4 (2007) pp.129-136

Effect of harvesting techniques on culm yield of Gigantochloa scortechinii natural stands

Authors:Abd Razak Othman; Hashim Md Noor; Abd Rahman Kassim

Abstract:A harvesting study was conducted on Gigantochloa scortechillii natural stands in two forested sites in Peninsular Malaysia using four harvesting techniques. After a period of 18 months from harvesting, it wa~ found that the harvesting techniques and clump types had highly significant effects on the emergence of the new culms and culm mortality. There was no significant effect on site between Narni and Betau. Based on the results, X -shaped harvesting technique is recommended for natural bamboo management due to the least.destruction and lower initial removal of bamboo culms (7.1 %). The method produced higher number of new good culms (7.6) and lower mortality of new culms (2.9) as compared to the horse-shoe shaped harvesting technique. Furthermore, it is suggested that only clumps with 26 culmsl clump and above are suitable forthis harvesting technique. Selective harvesting seems more appropriate for the smaller clumps. Clearfelling method is not recommended for harvesting the natural stands of G. scortechillii due to slow recovery of the clumps.

Keywords:clear felling; forest management; forests; harvesting; logging; mortality;

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