Vol.06. Nos.1 - 2(2007) p95-99


Development of rattan sector under Community Forestry enterprises in Nepal: future direction


Udaya Sharma


Rattan resources play an important role in the economy of Nepal. A large number of people in the country depend on forest-based enterprises besides farming for their livelihood and rattan has both social and economic value to them. Rattan-based enterprises in Nepal are involved mainly in manufacture of furniture and other household items. The industry accounts for over Rs.17 million and has substantial market potential in urban areas of Nepal. The rattan handicrafts production started by Community Forestry is expected to give a big boost to the industry. The farmers are motivated because they get income from the sale of the rattan. But. presently there is no eft1cient mechanism for acquiring market and price information of rattan products. Social and cultural factors in local trading channels are often little understood. The promotion of rattan indust!)' has a vital role to play in poverty alleviation in the country.


canes and rattans; community forestry; enterprises; forest products industries; handicrafts; markets; social for