Vol.06. Nos.1 - 2 (2007) pp.61-70

Destructive and non-destructive evaluation of bamboo chips - Portland cement composite

Authors:Beraldo, A.L; Martins, S.C.F

Abstract:This paper reports the results of a sludy on evaluation of properties of a bamboo chips and Portland cement composile. Several treatments were carried out to reduce chemical incompatibility between BrazIlian Portland cement (types IT and V) and bamboo chips (Bambusa tuldoides). Cylindrical specimens prepared with different mixtures were evaluated by compression tests as well as by a nondestructive evaluation. Results showed the influence of cement type, bamboo chip content and age of specimen on composite properties. Behaviour of the composites from Portland cement type V (high initial strength cement) was less influenced by the treatment applied to bamboo chips. Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity was sensitive enough to detect changes in the composite structure, mainly for specimens of lower ages and also for cement type and treatment applied to bamboo chips.

Keywords:bamboos; compression; non-wood forest products; nondestructive testing; wood cement.

Permalink: https://www.jbronline.org/article.asp?id=155