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J. Bamboo and Rattan, Vol.07. Nos.1 - 2(2008)

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1 Anatomical traits of woody bamboos useful for taxonomic identification: a case study in neotropical species. Montti, L; Riveiro, D.G; Goldstein, G 1-20
2 Photosynthetic rate and light response curve of Bambusa vulgaris 'Wamin'. Simmons, H; Wannakrairoj, S; Menakanit, A; Kasemsap, P 21-29
3 Influence of fiber characteristics of Nigerian grown Bambusa vulgaris Schrad on its relative density and burst strength. Ogedengbe, K; Onilude, M.A; Omobowale, M.O 31-39
4 Contrasting spatial patterns of distribution of genetic diversity in two important bamboo species in the Central Western Ghats, India. Ravikanth, G; Rao, M.N; Singh, B.S.D; Cheluvaraju; Ganeshaiah, K.N; Shaanker, R.U 41-52
5 Chemical composition and potential for utilization of Dendrocalamus barbatus. Yang Qing; Duan ZhuBiao; Wang ZhengLiang; Guo YongJie; Han Lei; Sun QiXiang; Peng ZhenHua 53-58
6 Status and strategies for conservation of bamboo resources of Meghalaya. Tiwari, B.K; Lynser, M.B; Nongbri, B 59-71
7 Diversity, distribution pattern and use of bamboos in Meghalaya. Evanylla Kharlyngdoh; Barik, S.K 73-90
8 Analysis of morphological traits between plantation-grown and wild palasan canes (Calamus merrillii Becc.) using cluster analysis. Abasolo, W.P 91-100
9 Seed and seedling attributes of Melocanna baccifera and Ochlandra travancorica. Seethalakshmi, K.K; Jijeesh, C.M; Raveendran, V.P 101-108
10 Amelioration of durability of bamboo through copper-chromeboron by different treatment processes. Sadhna Tripathi 109-118
11 Litter quality, decomposition dynamics and nutrient release in Schizostachyum dullooa stands in North East India. Nath, A.J; Das, A.K 119-132
12 Development of gas fired boiler for preservative treatment of sympodial bamboo species in Ghana. Rudolf, S; Boahene, O.B.J; Joe, A.A 133-139
13 Role of active components in carbon and nutrient cycling of bamboo ecosystems in Indian dry tropical region. Tripathi, S.K; Singh, K.P 141-150