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J. Bamboo and Rattan, Vol.04. Nos.3(2005)

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1 Effect of heat treatment using palm oil on properties and durability of Semantan bamboo Wahab R; Mohamad A; Samsi H.W; Sulaiman O 211-220
2 Soil properties influenced by some important edible bamboo species in the North Eastern Himalayan region, India Venkatesh M.S; Bhatt B.P; Kailash Kumar; Majumdar B; Kundan Singh 221-230
3 Effect of light intensity and rooting hormone on propagation of Bambusa vulgaris Schrad ex Wendl. by branch cutting Hossain M.A; Islam M.S; Hossain M.M 231-241
4 Evaluation of the effects of different extraction methods for main volatile compounds from Bambusa textilis leaves Galhiane M.S; Rissato S.R; Pereira MAdos R; Almeida MVde; Silva Lcda 243-250
5 Bamboo (Bambusa bambos) resource development in home gardens in Kerala State in India: need for scientific clump management and harvesting techniques Krishnankutty C.N 251-256
6 Cell-wall degradation and nutrient release pattern in decomposing leaf litter of Bambusa tulda Roxb. and Dendrocalamus hamiltonii Nees. in a bamboo-based agroforestry system in north-east India Deb S; Arunachalam A; Arunachalam K 257-277
7 Employment generation and economics of cane-based furniture enterprises of Chittagong, Bangladesh Alamgir M; Jashimuddin M; Bhuiyan M.A.R 279-291
8 Rattan species richness and population genetic structure of Calamus flagellum in North-Eastern Himalaya, India Lyngdoh N; Santosh S.H; Ramesha B.T; Rao M.N; Ravikanth G; Narayani B; Ganeshaiah K.N; Shaanker R.U 293-307