Vol.03. Nos.3(2004) p237-243


Studies on Bambusa balcooa bamboo fibre for green composites with polyurethane and polyurethane/poly(methyl methacrylate) semi-interpenetrating polymer network


Kumar H; Siddaramaiah


The poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG)-based polyurethane (PU) and its semi-interpenetrating polymer network (SIPN) with poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) have been coated on the surface of alkali-treated and untreated bamboo fibres (Bambusa balcooa). The mechanical properties, like tensile strength and tensile modulus, and the chemical resistance of bamboo fibres before and after coating with PU and PU/PMMA SIPN have been studied. Improvement in tensile strength, tensile modulus and chemical resistance of bamboo fibres were observed after coating with polymers. The PU/PMMAcoated system showed better performance as compared to PU-coated bamboo fibre composite.


chemical properties; composite boards