Vol.03. Nos.1(2004) p35-43


Basic density and strength properties of cultivated Calamus manan


Wahab R; Sulaiman O; Samsi H.W


This research investigates the basic density of Calamus manan cane grown in plantation and its relationship to strength. Cane samples were obtained from two plantation area in Malaysia. The results indicate that the lower part of the cane shows to have higher basic density compared to the higher part of the cane. The older canes (18 and 24 year-old) show a higher basic density compared to young canes (7 and 11 year-old). Samples with higher basic density show to have higher strength compared to those with lower basic density. Older canes indicate to have a 7-8-times higher strength compared to young canes.


bamboos; bending strength; canes and rattans; cell wall components; cell walls; density; modulus of elasticity; non wood fo