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J. Bamboo and Rattan, Vol.02. Nos.3(2003)

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1 Bamboo as a building material alternative for Western Europe? A study of the environmental performance, costs and bottlenecks of the use of bamboo (products) in Western Europe Lugt Pvan der; Dobbelsteen Avan den; Abrahams R
2 Growth performance of two bamboo species in new plantations Fernandez E.C; Palijon A.M; Liese W; Esguerra F.L; Murphy R.J
3 Effect of culm number in mother seedlings on growth and proliferation of Dendrocalamus strictus propagules Kumar R; Pal M
4 Rattan husbandry and its potentiality for income generation in the village groves of floodplain area of Bangladesh Danesh Miah; Ahmed R; Uddin M.B
5 Conception and feasibility of bamboo-precocious wood composite beams Amino Y
6 A case study on the effects of irrigation and fertilization on soil water and soil nutrient status, and on growth and yield of bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens) shoots Kleinhenz V; Milne J; Walsh K.B; Midmore D.J