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J. Bamboo and Rattan, Vol.02. Nos.1(2003)

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1 A bamboo germplasm collection for community development in Central Yunnan, China Long ChunLin; Liu YiTao; Xue JiaRong; LiDeZhu
2 Macro-proliferation of Gigantochloa ligulata seedlings for mass production of planting stock and its field performance Mohamed A.H
3 Planting stock selection of bamboo (Dendrocalamus strictus) using macro proliferation technique Kumar R; Pal M
4 Studies on dimensional stability, thermal degradation and termite resistant properties of bamboo (Bambusa tulda Roxb.) treated with thermosetting resins Deka M; Das P; Saikia C.N
5 Bamboo resources of Manipur: an overview for management and conservation Singh H.B; Kumar B; Singh R.S
6 Flowering of Bambusa cacharensis Mazumder in the southern part of North-East India: a case study Singha L.B; Bhatt B.P; Khan M.L
7 Leaf litter decomposition and nutrient release in reed bamboo (Ochlandra travancorica) Sujatha M.P; Jose A.I; Sankar S