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J. Bamboo and Rattan, Vol.16. Nos.3(2017)

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1 A Review on Molecular Studies of Rattans, with Special Attention to the Genus Calamus (Arecaceae) Anoja Kurian, Sreekumar V.B., Suma Arun Dev, Muralidharan E. M
97-114 Download
2 Economic assessment of bamboo based soil conservation interventions for reclamation of degraded ravine lands: implication for policy intervention. V C Pande, B K Rao, R S Kurothe, Gopal Kumar, V N Sharda, P K Mishra, P R Bhatnagar, D Dinesh
115-138 Download
3 Kraft pulping of rajkoroi (Albizia richardiana) wood species in a mixture with baizzya (Bambusa vulgaris) Daisy Biswas, M. Misbahuddin, Nazma Khatun, U. Roy
139-146 Download