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J. Bamboo and Rattan, Vol.14. Nos.1 - 4(2015)

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1 Mycorrhizal Associations of Bamboo Species of FRI Bambusetum, India. S.M. Salunkhe, S. Rawat, N. Singh, N. Mehta, S. Das and Y.P. Singh
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2 Seasonal variation on rooting response of branch cuttings of Dendrocalamus giganteus Wallich ex Munro. S. Razvi , M. Bakshi, S. Nautiyal and K.R. Hakeem
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3 Effect of planting media and fertilization on Gigantochloa albociliata planting stock in nursery. Z.N. Amirah, H. Mohd Zaki, I. Mohd Hasmadi and N.A. Ainuddin
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4 Experimental investigation of processing time, number of silvers and resistive torque required for human powered bamboo silver cutting operation. S. K. Undirwade, M.P. Singh and C.N. Sakhale
33-51 Download
5 Staining effects on moisture resistance and gloss of lacquer coated bamboo surfaces. S. Shukla, S.Gupta and V.S. Kishan Kumar
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6 Mensurational studies on Schizostachyum dullooa - a thin walled tropical clump forming bamboo. M. C. Das, A. J. Nath and A. K. Das
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