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J. Bamboo and Rattan, Vol.13. Nos.1 - 2(2014)

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1 Species diversity and abundance of rattan in offshore hill reserve forest of peninsular Malaysia along the elevation gradient. Wan Nur Fasihah Zarifah Binti Wan Rozali, Kazi Mohammad Masum, Rahmad Zakaria, Asyraf Mansor and Ahmad Sofiman Othman
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2 Status and distribution of forest based artisans in Assam, India. S. K. Jha, D. Sharma and B. K. Tiwari
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3 DNA barcoding: An emerging tool for precise identification and certification of planting stock in taxonomically challenging bamboo species K. Sijimol, Suma Arun Dev, E. M. Muralidharan and V. B. Sreekumar
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