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J. Bamboo and Rattan, Vol.01. Nos.3(2002)

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1 A note on culm yield and above ground biomass of Gigantochloa levis raised by tissue culture and branch cuttings planting materials Razak Othman, A
2 Karyotype analysis in Calamus palustris Griff Indira, E.P; Anto, P.V
3 Bamboo and cane resources utilization and conservation in the Apatani plateau, Arunachal Pradesh, India: implications for management Sundriyal, R.C; Upereti, T.C; Varuni, R
4 Thermogravimetric analysis of Dendrocalamus strictus bamboo fibers Varada Rajula, ARamachandra Reddy, G; Narasimha Chary, K; Babu Rao, G; Ganga Devi, L
5 Status of rattan based small scale cottage industries in urban and semi urban area of Chittagong, Bangladesh Miah, D; Rahman, L
6 Diversity and indigenous utilization of bamboo in Xishuangbanna Wang, K; Hong, L.T; Rao, V.R