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J. Bamboo and Rattan, Vol.09. Nos.3 - 4(2010)

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1 Assessment of termite infestation in six industrially important bamboo species in semiarid tracts of Karnataka, India Rashmi R. Shanbhag; Jagadish, M.R; Dhanya, B; Viswanath, S
2 Phytoresources from North Cachar Hills of Assam, India-IV: Bamboos and Rattans Medhi, P; Borthakur, S.K; Hore, D.K
3 Influence of fiber distribution and characteristics on the fiber saturation point of Calamus ornatus var. philippinensis Becc. and Calamus merrillii Becc. Abasolo, W.P.
4 Developing cement bonded particleboard from Bambusa balcooa and Bambusa vulgaris Daisy Biswas; Samar Kanti Bose
5 Effects of Selected Pre-treatment Methods on the Hydration Behaviour of Rattan-Cement Mixtures Adefisan, O.O; Olorunnisola, A.O.
6 Influence of environmental factors on bamboo flowering Wang Xiaohong; Zhang Hong; Zhou Zuji
7 Efficacy of Water Submersion Treatment of Bamboo for Prevention of Borer Damage Bhat, K.V; Balasundaran, M; Priya, K; Arathi, K; Namitha, A.M; Divya Pattath