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J. Bamboo and Rattan, Vol.08. Nos.3 - 4(2009)

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1 Bamboo as carbon sink - fact or fiction? Walter Liese
2 Rattan and bamboo production trends in the Philippines and implications to policy and forest conservation. Razal, R.A
3 Development of bamboo laminates from Bambusa balcooa and Bambusa vulgaris, two native species of Bangladesh. Daisy Biswas; Bose, S.K; Hossain, M.M
4 Mechanical properties of sweet bamboo Dendrocalamus asper. Malanit, P; Barbu, M.C; Fr├╝hwald, A
4 Bamboo-glue interface thermography for non-destructive testing. Smita Chugh; Suneet Tuli; Krishnendu Chatterjee; Sanjeev Singh; Sudhakar, P
5 Effects of some anatomical characteristics of Ethiopian lowland bamboo (Oxytenanthera abyssinica) on physical and mechanical properties. Seyoum Kelemwork
6 Parameters affecting palasan cane (Calamus merrillii Becc.) flexibility and development of a cane flexibility equation. Abasolo, W.P; Yoshida, M; Yamamoto, H; Okuyama, T
7 Development of regional bamboo markets in India through community based market information services. Rawat, G.S; Singh, C.J