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J. Bamboo and Rattan, Vol.08. Nos.1 - 2(2009)

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1 Effects of face to core particle size ratios on properties of particleboard manufactured from Ethiopian highland bamboo - Yushania alpina. Seyoum Kelemwork; Paridah Md Tahir; Ee WongDing; Rahim Sudin
2 Foliar stomatal characters as supplementary tool for identification of rattans: a case study in selected Calamus species of the Western Ghats, Kerala. Kariyappa, K.C; Joemon Jacob; Mohanan, N
3 HPLC estimation of phenolic acids in leaves of some Central Indian bamboo species. Vishakha Kumbhare
4 Mechanical, thermal and microstructural analyses of Dendrocalamus giganteus. D'Almeida, ALFS; MaurĂ­cio, M.H.P; D'Almeida, J.R.M
5 In vitro shoot proliferation and enhancement of rooting in Melocanna bambusoides Trin. from nodal explants. Devi, W.S; Sharma, G.J
6 Leaf anatomical studies in some of the Indian bamboos - 1. Dendrocalamus Nees. Roohani Pal; Richa; Sharma, M.L
7 Status of demand and supply of bamboo: a situational review of national scenario. Singh, C.J; Rawat, G.S; Jain, S.S; Bisht, N.S
8 Rattan based enterprises in North-eastern region of Bangladesh: status and economic profitability. Rana, M.P; Sohel, M.S.I; Chowdhury, M.S.H; Akhter, S; Koike, M
9 Conservation of Pseudoxytenanthera ritcheyii in the forests of Kerala and potential for its cultivation outside forests. Krishnankutty, C.N; Mammen Chundamannil
10 Production potential of some winter vegetables under edible bamboo - Dendrocalamus asper. Animesh Sinha
11 Tensile strength properties of wild grown Bambusa vulgaris treated with neem seed oil in Southwest Nigeria. Erakhrumen, A.A