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J. Bamboo and Rattan, Vol.05. Nos.3 - 4(2006)

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1 Bambusa bambos (L.) Voss plantation in eastern India: II. Nutrient dynamics Das, D.K; Chaturvedi, O.P
2 Rooting ability of Bambusa vulgaris var. striata branch cuttings as influenced by cutting type and rooting hormones Hossain, M.A; Jewel, M.E.U; Sen, M; Serajuddoula, M
3 Impregnation of bamboo (Gigantochloa scortechinii) strips with low-molecular-weight phenol formaldehyde resin Anwar, U.M.K; Paridah, M.T; Hamdan, H; Zaidon, A; Bakar, E.S
4 Soil characteristics governing the distribution of rattans in Cachar, Assam, Northeast India Ghose, M; Gupta, A; Das, S.K; Das, S; Bhattacharya, K; Roy, D
5 Genetic diversity and relationships within populations of Dendrocalamus giganteus Wall. ex Munro and Ochlandra stridula Moon ex Thwaites in Sri Lanka using RAPD Ramanayake, S.M.S.D; Meemaduma, V.N; Weerawardene, T.E
6 Comparison of yield and quality of bamboo charcoal produced by traditional methods Dhamodaran, T.K; Thulasidas, P.K; Gnanaharan, R
7 Genetic structure of Bambusa vulgaris in Ghana and its implications for sampling and conservation
8 The rattan-based industry in Kerala, India in the wake of globalization Muraleedharan, P.K; Anitha, V; Rugmini, P
9 Isolation and characterization of bamboo fibres Gulrajani, M.L; Anjali Arora