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J. Bamboo and Rattan, Vol.04. Nos.4(2005)

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1 Predicting the weight of a bamboo clump: commercial weight tables for Bambusa bambos Krishnankutty C.N; Chundamannil M
2 Preliminary observations on ecological and economical impacts of bamboo flowering in Mizoram (North East India) Lalnunmawia F; Jha L.K; Lalengliana F
3 Effect of clump density/spacing on the productivity and nutrient uptake in Bambusa pallida and the changes in soil properties Singh K.A; Kochhar S.K
4 Statistical model of strength in flexion and size effect on the failure of Raphia vinifera L. (Arecaceae) Talla P.K; Foudjet A; Fogue M
5 Strength properties and potential uses of rattan-cement composites Olorunnisola A.O; Pitman A; Mansfield William H
6 Structural performance of bamboo 'bahareque' walls under cyclic load Gonzalez G; Gutierrez J
7 Nutrient, chlorophyll and caloric dynamics of Phyllostachys pubescens leaves in Yongchun County, Fujian, China Lin Y.M; Zou X.H; Liu J.B; Guo Z.J; Lin P; Sonali S
8 A new culm rot disease of bamboo in India and its management Harsh N.S.K; Singh Y.P; Gupta H.K; Mushra B.M; McLaughlin D.J; Dentinger B
9 Rattan resources of Manipur: species diversity and reproductive biology of elite species Meitram B; Sharma G.J
10 The bamboo sector in Colombia and Ecuador: a state of the art analysis of opportunities and constraints Lugt Pvan der