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J. Bamboo and Rattan, Vol.04. Nos.2(2005)

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1 Nutritional values of some commercial edible bamboo species of the North Eastern Himalayan region, India. Bhatt, B.P; Singh, K; Alka Singh
2 Variation in some anatomical and physical properties of stems of five rattan palm species of Ghana. Ebanyenle, E; Oteng-Amoako, A.A
3 Leaf dynamics and above ground biomass growth in Dendrocalamus longispathus Kurz. Banik, R.L; Islam, SAMN
4 Diseases of rattan in nurseries, plantations and natural stands in Kerala, India. Mohanan, C
5 Growth of Gigantochloa levis branch cuttings in nursery and field planting in response to indole butyric acid rooting hormone. Othman, A.R
6 Dimensional stability of cement-bonded composite boards made from rattan cane particles. Olorunnisola, A.O
7 Root morphology and development in rattans. 4. Root system development in Calamus thwaitesii Becc. and Hook. f. and Calamus rotang L. in relation to the chemical properties of a degraded lateritic soil. Jayasree, V.K; Sujatha, M.P; Renuka, C; Rugmini, P
8 Hydration characteristics of cement-bonded composites made from rattan cane and coconut husk. Olorunnisola, A.O; Pitman, A; Mansfield-William, H