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J. Bamboo and Rattan, Vol.01. Nos.1(2002)

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1 Intercropping trials of four crops in bamboo plantations P.Shanmughavel; K. Francis
2 Factor analysis of growth parameters in Dendrocalamus strictus seedlings: An exploratory approach Rakesh kuma; Mohinder Pal; Rajiv Pandey; Ruchi Mathur
3 Study on associated nitrogen fixation of bamboo plants rhizosphere Wu Xiaoli; Gu xiaoping
4 Tree cutting to float rattan to market: A threat to primary forests? Stephen F. Siebert
5 Proximity, Clump size and root distribution pattern in Bamboo: A case study of Bambusa arundinacea (Retz.) Willd. Poaceae in Ultisols of Kerala, India B.Mohankumar and B.N.Divakara
6 Selection criteria for a house design method using plybamboo sheets G.Gonzalez; J.Gutierrez; F.V.Hervijnen; J.Janssen and F. Moonen
7 Bamboo growth assessment related to soil suitability ABD.Razak Othman
8 The potential contribution of non timber forest product extraction to tropical forest conservation and development: lessons from a case study of bamboo utilization in a Sierra Madre community, the Philippines. Kusters, K; Ros Tonen M